License term: Non-exclusive rights, 5 years, unlimited plays.Rights in perpetuity negotiable.

The following rates are charged on a 30 second minimum used or unused.

Markets Territories
Canada Foreign/One Country World
Conventional / Cable TV $25 $30 $40
Pay Per View $25 $30 $40
Commercial Spots $40 $45 $60
Music Videos $40 $45 $60
Feature Films $40 $45 $70
Corporate/Industrial Video $30 $45 $60
Live Theatre/Public Exhibit $20 $30 $40
Educational Video $20 $30 $40
Home Video $20 $30 $40
New Media $40 $40 $40

Prices subject to change.

Requests originating outside Canada are payable in U.S. funds.


Price excludes tape stock.

Tapes are provided in NTSC format only; PAL and SECAM formats are not available.

Minimum charges are as follows:

  • Administration Fee: $50 includes licensing agreements
  • Research: $35 per half hour
  • Preparation: $35 per half hour
  • Screening: $35 per half hour
  • Dubbing fee: $75 per half hour
  • Screening DVDs: $100 for first half hour; $75 per half thereafter.


  • Beta – 30 minutes: $35
  • Beta – 20 minutes: $30
  • DVD: $10
  • HD tape: $85.00


Clients are responsible for all other costs, including shipping, lab fees, and fees associated with public archives recalls.


  • CBC will not release any air quality cassettes without receiving a certified cheque, money order, VISA or MasterCard payment, of the minimum royalty rate.
  • CBC can only provide clients with “natural” or “wild” sound. Narration tracks, reporter voice over and music cannot be sold.
  • CBC does not have copyright over all footage aired on our networks. Material not owned by the CBC is not available.
  • CBC reserves the right to apply a surcharge on rare, wildlife, animation or special footage.
  • CBC Arts and Entertainment footage (e.g. performance, variety or dramatic programming) may be subject to clearance fees, permissions, and royalty payments.
  • CBC has the right to refuse or restrict the use of our footage for any reason whatsoever.

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